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L, Nachtmusik, Sexagesima, Vandyke, absolute music, accompaniment, accomplish, account, account current, account for, account rendered, account stated, accounts payable, accounts receivable, achieve, acquire, adapt, adaptation, add, aggregate, air varie, aleatory, aleatory music, algebraize, alphabet, ambition, amount, amount due, armies, army, arrange, arrangement, arrive, art, aspiration, attain, autolithograph, avenge, bad debts, bag, balance, band, bar, basis, be a printmaker, be seized of, be successful, bevy, bezel, bill, bill of account, bill of lading, bills, birthmark, blaze, blaze a trail, blemish, blotch, blueprint, book, borrowing, box score, boxcar, boxcars, brand, brass tacks, break the bank, burr, calculate, calendar, calling, canal, canalize, capture, carve, cash account, cast, caste mark, castigate, catalog, catch, cause, chalk, chalk up, chamber music, chamber orchestra, chamfer, channel, character, charactering, characterization, charge, charges, chart, chase, check, check off, checkmark, chink, chisel, chiseling, chits, chop, choreography, chump, cicatrix, cicatrize, cipher, cleft, cloud, come by, come in for, come into, compose, composition, compute, condition, consideration, continuity, contract, control account, conventional representation, copy, corral, corrugate, corrugation, cost, count, count for, crack, cranny, crease, crena, crenellate, crenulate, cribble, crimp, cross-hatching, crosshatch, crowd, cue, cut, dado, damage, dance notation, dapple, dash, debt, deface, define, delimit, delineation, demarcate, demitint, demonstration, depiction, depictment, depression, derive, descant, diagonal, diagram, difference, dike, discolor, discoloration, ditch, divide, dope out, dot, dotted line, dozen, dozens, draft, drag down, drama, draw, drawing, due, dues, dun, duodecimo, dupe, earmark, earn, edition, eighty, electronic music, eleven, enchase, engrave, engravement, engraving, enroll, enter, enter into possession, enumerate, essential facts, essentials, estimate, etch, etching, etude, excoriate, exemplification, exercise, expenditure, expense, extract roots, fall guy, fifteen, fifty, figuration, figure, figure in, figure out, file, financial commitment, five and twenty, flay, fleck, flick, floating debt, flock, flocks, flourish, flute, fluting, fortnight, forty, four and twenty, fourscore, fourscore and ten, fourteen, freckle, funded debt, furrow, gain, gash, gem-engraving, get, glass-cutting, glyptic, go, goal, goat, goffer, gouge, grade, graduate, grand slam, grave, graving, greenhorn, groove, ground, grounds, grudge, guiding light, guiding star, gull, gully, hachure, hack, hairline, half a hundred, half tint, harmonization, harmonize, harvest, hatch, hatching, herds, hieroglyphic, hit, hit it, hit the jackpot, hit the mark, hole, hole in one, home run, homer, hordes, host, hosts, hymnal, hymnbook, iconography, ideal, ideogram, illustration, imagery, imaging, impanel, impress, imprint, incidental music, incise, incision, income account, indebtedness, indebtment, indent, indentation, index, inscribe, inscript, inscription, inspiration, instrument, instrumental music, instrumental score, instrumentate, intention, invention, inventory, invoice, itemize, itemized bill, jag, jog, joggle, jot, keep score, kerf, knurl, latest, legion, legions, lentigo, letter, liability, libretto, limning, line, lineation, lines, lining, list, lithograph, lodestar, logogram, logograph, long dozen, lots, lute tablature, machicolate, macula, mainspring, make, make a hit, make a killing, make a mark, make an adaptation, make an impression, make out, make prints, manifest, map, mar, mark, mark off, mark out, marking, masses, matter, maturity, measure, melodize, microgroove, mill, millions, mole, motive, mottle, mug, multiply, multitudes, music, music paper, music roll, musical notation, musical score, musicalize, myriads, national debt, net, nevus, news, nick, ninety, nock, nocturne, nonagenarian, notation, notch, number, numbers, obligation, obtain, octogenarian, opera, opera score, opus, orchestral score, orchestrate, orchestration, outstanding debt, packs, part, patch, patsy, pencil, pepper, piano score, picot, pictogram, picturization, piece, pigeonhole, pink, plan, playbook, pleat, pledge, plow, point, polka dot, poop, portraiture, portrayal, post, prefigurement, presentment, price, price tag, prick, principle, print, printing, procure, product, production, program, program music, projection, prosper, provision account, provocation, public debt, pull down, punch, punctuate, puncture, put to music, quantity, quindecennial, quindecim, quindecima, quindene, rabbet, rate, rationale, reach, realization, realize, ream out, reap, reason, reckon, reckoning, record, register, rendering, rendition, repay, representation, retaliate, revenue account, ricercar, riddle, rifle, rifling, ring the bell, rout, ruck, running account, rut, sack, sake, sales account, scallop, scar, scarification, scarify, scathe, scenario, scene plot, schedule, schema, scoop, scorch, score a success, scores, scoring, scotch, scourge, scrape, scratch, scratching, script, sculpture, seal, seam, secure, selling account, septuagenarian, serrate, serration, set, set to music, seventy, sexagenarian, sexagenary, sexagesimo-quarto, sheet music, shoals, shooting script, short score, side, sitting duck, situation, sixteen, sixteenmo, sixty, sixty-four, sixty-fourmo, slam, slash, slashing, slit, sonata, sonatina, songbook, songster, source, speck, speckle, splash, splotch, spot, spring, stain, stamp, statement, status quo, stigma, stigmatize, stipple, stippling, stock account, story, strawberry mark, streak, streaking, stria, striate, striation, strike, string orchestra, string quartet, strip, stripe, striping, stroke, study, sublineation, subtract, succeed, sucker, sulcation, sulcus, sum, summary, summation, suspense account, swarms, syllabary, symbol, tab, tablature, tabulate, take, take account of, tale, tally, tattoo, tattoo mark, tear to pieces, teens, text, the bottom line, the data, the details, the dope, the facts, the information, the particulars, the picture, the scoop, the specifics, the story, the whole story, theme and variations, thirteen, thirty-two, thirty-twomo, threescore, threescore and ten, thrive, tick, tick off, tint, tittle, tool, tooling, tooth, total, touchdown, trace, transcribe, transcript, transcription, transpose, trench, trio, triumph, trough, turn up trumps, twelve, twelvemo, twenty, twenty-five, twenty-four, twenty-fourmo, two dozen, two weeks, twoscore, type-cutting, ulterior motive, uncollectibles, underline, underlining, underscore, underscoring, unfulfilled pledge, valuation account, variation, version, victim, virgule, vocal score, vocation, watermark, well-worn groove, whole, win, word, work, work out, wrinkle, write, writing, written music, x number

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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